DIY Animation

Over the course of history, there have been a few sentences uttered that have shook the world to its core and made mankind stop in its tracks.

Who can forget Ross saying “I take thee, Rachel?” in that ‘Friends’ episode where he was meant to be marrying Helen Baxendale’s character, Darth Vader’s paternally related big reveal to Luke in ‘The Empire Strikes Back’, or Steven Gerrard saying “This does not slip now!” before he, well, slipped?

They were all pretty dramatic, but they (possibly) pale into comparison with what we’re about to tell you, and it is this:

You shouldn’t come to us – or any other production company – for EVERY animation you want creating.

Now, before you faint with shock, let us explain fully.

Our animation team are, if we may say so ourselves, top class – which is why they create fantastic, professional animations which of course take time and money (we have tried forcing people to work without pay but they started bleating about being a member of a union and needing to buy toilet paper or something).

Want a fantastic, high complexity animation? If so, we’re here. But what if you just want a very basic animation with a quick turnaround?

In these cases, we’re going to be kind and suggest we might not be right for you. So what can you do instead of picking up the phone and calling us?

Well, you could purchase some software such as Toon Boom and Adobe Animate and have a go yourselves, but those things are expensive and not easy to master. If you do that, there’s a danger you’re going to end up like Mike and his golf clubs – all the gear but no idea.

There must be a better way. Thankfully, we think we’ve found one.

It’s called Vyond (previously GoAnimate) – and no, we’re not being paid to say this either!

Vyond is an animation creator designed to allow the “normal” person to knock up their own animated efforts quickly and easily, and comes (at the time of writing) with a free 14 day trial.

Using the platform, you can create basic animated videos for your organisation, in a range of styles and themes, saving you man-hours and money in the process.

These savings might then allow you to have more dosh in your marketing kitty for any “higher-end” high complexity animations you might be requiring – and that works for us!

So, got a quick animation in mind for, say, an internal training video or a presentation? If so, why not give an animation creator a go, and then thank us later?!

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