Does Your Video Need Audio?

When making video productions for our clients, we focus on stunning visuals and communicating their messages clearly and concisely. Therefore, it would be easy to think this means we only care about graphics and presentation.

But video productions depend upon sound more than people realise. A lot of visual cues don’t make sense without the expected accompanying sound effect: a person crashing through a glass table having fallen down a flight of stairs just doesn’t have the same impact on mute. Trust us, we’ve tried this multiple times in the office.

So, could a business manage to create an effective video production without sound? Could the silent movie be revived in the modern era? Or is sound and video so intertwined in our minds that one can never live without the other?

In many ways, the answer to this question is the question itself.

If you’re thinking about sound in a video context, you’re probably thinking about music or voice-overs. You can probably think straight away what music you wouldn’t want in your company’s video, which means subconsciously you know what would fit and how your business feels.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you experimental piano jazz?

Or… (and there are only two options)

Okay, you’re probably neither of these, but whatever your tastes, they’ll translate into the work you do and the people you serve.

Just like music, voice-overs can shape a whole video, too. They are your chance to communicate your brand message. They speak directly to your audience. They represent your tone of voice and your delivery.

If you wouldn’t sell your product in silence, then don’t advertise it in silence, either. An effective company video communicates everything you want to say in a short, concise, direct manner, whilst assuring customers of the quality you offer.

Here are some key things to consider:

  • Is your company traditional or modern?
  • Do you prefer spoken word or background music?
  • Would you benefit from a regional accent voice-over to show your connection to the local community?
  • Can you instantly name three tracks you like that feature in adverts?

These are all a gauge of where you want to place yourself using sound. Above all, remember that your identity is yours alone. This is something we love to translate to our videos so that viewers are fully immersed in what makes a company successful.

Having said all that, you might still prefer video productions of your own to be soundless.

If so, you’ll want to consider techniques such as captions and subtitles so that any messages conveyed via a voice-over can still reach those watching your video on mute whilst standing on a crowded train.

Most importantly, we believe that you want people to see and hear you in the best possible way.

So get thinking about those whale noises.

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