Great Charity Videos

Charity videos have the potential to reach a huge audience and bring about meaningful change.

They can be inspiring, uplifting, heartbreaking, challenging and motivating in equal measure.

But what makes a truly great charity video?

How do they communicate their message in a way that is both powerful and engaging?

And can you, as a marketer, learn from these to create a video that showcases the vital work of your organisation?

Here, we review and analyse some fantastic charity videos and explain how you could take inspiration from them for your next video!

Save the Children

This Save the Children video uses a challenging narrative to illustrate the devastating effect that war has on young people.

The way in which the comfortable, domestic scenes become subverted by the later shots of war-torn landscapes provides a harsh reality check for the viewer.

The poignant shot of the birthday candle at the end is artistic and moving, proving how hard-hitting great charity videos can be.

There are a number of ways a charity can create an effective video, but the ones which are powerful always hit the mark.

Could a striking image make all the difference in communicating your organisation’s message?


Here, Shelter have created an excellent video showcasing the important issue of renting in the UK and its ‘9 Million Voices’ campaign.

The fast-paced animation, combined with the compelling use of statistics, highlights the need for change.

In particular, the use of red font for vital phrases links back to the Shelter logo and also underlines the sense of danger.

The voiceover is both passionate and direct, meaning it can impart a huge amount of information in a short video.

Have you considered a voiceover with a sense of urgency for your next video?


In this great 360 video, the roaming camerawork provides an immersive tour of Great Ormond Street Hospital and welcomes the viewer in as if they are a visitor.

This vivid, first-person-style experience allows viewers to truly understand the impact of the hospital’s work, whilst providing evidenced-based accounts of how its equipment and facilities can change people’s lives. A clear, measured voiceover makes the viewer feel in safe hands.

As a marketer, you’ll be fully aware of the difficulties involved in grabbing people’s attention and telling them about your organisation’s every aspect.

Could an interactive 360 video such as this one be what you need to do just that?

Alzheimers Research UK

This emotive video features a piece-to-camera from ‘Breaking Bad’ star Bryan Cranston – a famous actor immediately recognisable to many viewers and instantly demanding attention.

The sensitive narrative in this video presents a compelling call to action motivating viewers to support the charity. The use of the fruit as imagery helps to soften the scientific explanation of the brain, making it more relatable and avoiding the use of potentially disturbing images.

This is particularly effective when discussing the destruction of cells, where the slices of an orange are gradually removed from the shot.

An extended metaphor often helps to contextualise a message by housing it within everyday experiences.

Is there something friendly and familiar – such as a humble orange – which your organisation could use to get its message across?


How do you tell people about the impact they’ve had thanks to their donations and voluntary efforts? You show them – which is precisely what this video does superbly.

It does this through the combination of the textual messages (which emphasise key words in bold) and the footage of a community coming together at a special time of year.

This technique creates a sense of inclusion – which in turn makes this effort a really powerful one and one which reflects the #EverybodyIn slogan of this particular campaign.

Could your next video capture the essence of your organisation by highlighting its effect on the local community?

Age UK

In this effort Age UK present the viewer with a different perspective on Christmas.

Once you’ve got past “the Santa stage” Christmas becomes all about family, yet for many this isn’t as idyllic as it sounds.

The devastating subject of loneliness is confronted head on with the use of camerawork underlining the distance between the elderly protagonist and the rest of the community, and the final “No one should have no one” tagline.

Could your organisation’s next video present an alternative perspective to the viewer?


So, there’s six (very different) examples of charity videos which we think work brilliantly.

Thanks for reading, and if you work for a charity and want help with your organisation’s next video, well, you know where we are!

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