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Here at Stone’s Throw Media we’re steadfast (great word) in our belief that organisations in every sector can utilise video productions in some way.

One sector in particular which we’re sure you’re familiar with is manufacturing – after all, it’s a pretty big deal here in the UK.

According to the good people at the United Nations Conference on Trade & Development (UNCTAD), Britain is the 9th largest manufacturer by output in the world, whilst the eggheads at Make UK state that the sector as a whole contributes 11% of the nation’s GVA and 45% of our total exports.

But how can manufacturing organisations utilise video?

Well, in this blog post we’re going to take a look at six manufacturing videos created by some (rather large) companies within the sector, and explain what aspects they employ, how they’re effective, and why we think they’re flipping great!

Apple (“Homework”)

We’ll start with one of the biggest manufacturing companies in the world, Apple – you’ve probably heard of them – and its “Homework” commercial for its iPad with Apple Pencil.

What do manufacturing organisations make? Products.

What’s the best way to display a new product? Show how useful it is.

What we love about this video is that Apple doesn’t fall into the trap of simply saying “here’s our new product – doesn’t it look nice?”

Instead, they show how the product can make a tangible difference to people’s lives. It’s usefulness.

OK, most companies don’t make products as sexy as iPads, but the principle remains the same – show, don’t tell.

Honda (“Paper”)

Many manufacturing organisations have been around for a long time and have seen plenty of changes over the course of their lifespans.

One of these is Honda – the manufacturer of automobiles, motorcycles, and power equipment formed in Japan in 1948.

To mark its journey through six decades of innovation, the team at Honda created this jaw-dropping animation consisting of thousands of hand-drawn illustrations.

This one is so visually impressive even our great animation team are in awe of it!

British Airways & Boeing (Building the 787-9 Dreamliner)

Whatever it is a manufacturer produces, you know that a lot of time and effort goes into its creation.

There’s a process, and sometimes it can be a (painfully!) slow one but an interesting one too!

So, how can the company’s marketing team capture this process in a way that engages an external audience?

Well, how about a timelapse?

Here at Stone’s Throw we love timelapse videos for showcasing processes, and we think this one is particularly good for doing just that.

With evocative background music and fantastic shots taken from a Boeing factory, this one is engaging and interesting, and results in the showcasing of a finished build which doesn’t look too shabby…

Bosch (“Like a Bosch”)

Manufacturing companies can’t be humorous, right?

Well, actually, yes they can – as this fun effort from household appliances and power tools manufacturer Bosch proves!

In this video, Bosch uses humour to showcase both its products and its commitment to the “Internet of Things” (the “IoT” referenced in the video) – something which it does…well….”like a Bosch”. Sorry.

This video is a great example of how manufacturing firms don’t have to live up to their stereotype of being dull, staid organisations.

Coca-Cola (“Small World Machines”)

Stepping foot into the world of international relations can be dangerous for any company – even those with billion dollar revenues.

To be fair to the drinks manufacturer Coca-Cola however, we think it does this pretty well with this video for its “Bringing India & Pakistan Together” campaign.

It’s great for a company to highlight its products or processes, but even better if it can showcase one of its endeavours designed to benefit society.

Videos of this nature run the risk of being “shameless” and “false”, but we think this one manages to avoid those criticisms really well.

Toyota (“Good Odds”)

We’ll conclude with another video from a car manufacturer and one that really uses the power of emotion.

Yes, manufacturing companies can create videos which provoke emotional reactions from viewers!

This video promotes Toyota’s “Mobility For All” initiative – a mission to make movement better for everyone.

This one was first spotted by our Sarah, who told us how she was drawn in by it so much she had to pause her conversation to see how it played out. Now that’s the power of good storytelling!


So there we have six manufacturing videos which we think are great, and the reasons why we like them so much.

Thanks for reading!

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