Old Drone vs New Drone

Drones drones drones drones drones drones.

Back in 2015 it seemed like they were going to take over the world – at least, according to the press they were.

Remember when people were terrified that they were going to get spied on through their bedroom windows*, or that one was about to smash into a plane at any given moment?

Here at Stone’s Throw Media we got caught up in the drone hype pretty early on, which is why we splashed out on this beast to help us launch our aerial videography service – the DJI S1000.

DJI s1000 aerial video wolverhampton

Look at it – it’s like a beautiful mess. This drone has served us well, but as we know all good things must come to an end.

That’s right. We’re parting ways with the drone.

So, what’s the best way to get over a break up? Simple. Get a new drone.

A new drone?! Why?!

Some of you might be asking the question above. Well, the sensible answer is that the old drone is no longer practical enough for us and our mad aerial videography skills.

It’s large and hard** to get around, it takes up multiple bags of stuff, we can’t change the type of lens in the camera, and it takes a long time to charge up.

We’re also very aware that our clients love high quality aerial video, and in this respect we need to keep up with the times.

The non-sensible answer, however, is that our new drone is flipping amazing!

DJI Inspire 2 aerial video wolverhampton

Let’s tell you a little more about the new drone with a comparison with the old one.

Case Size and Bags

The new drone has almost everything in one case which is pretty light, whereas the old drone was…a little harder to handle.

It could be carried without breaking your back, but after Tom filed that complaint with that Health & Safety organisation we began to feel a little guilty about asking him to carry it every time.

Battery charger

The battery charger for the old drone took up an entire case, and with its wires hanging everywhere it looked like Patrick after a night on the beer and kebabs – a total mess.

On the contrary, the charger for the new drone is a slick cylinder design with pop out docks.


Never mind the battery chargers, the batteries themselves on the old drone are about the size of house bricks. Also, they had a nasty habit of exploding if they cracked, which wasn’t really ideal.


With the old drone, we had to stick a Canon 5D Mark III on it. That’s a fine camera, but if we wanted to change it or even the lens we’d have to take the whole bottom off the drone.

With our new drone the camera is designed to fit many lenses, and is easy like Sunday morning to change.


On the old drone if we wanted to change the settings on the camera we’d have to land the drone and change them – even if we just wanted to change from recording a video to taking pictures.

Our new drone has so much more control, allowing us to change almost anything we want to whilst it’s in the air thanks to a pair of iPads that are synced up to it. Nice.


The camera on the old drone was a very nice one, but this industry moves quickly and everything at the time of writing is about filming in 4K.

The old drone filmed in 1080p but our new drone can film in 4K and even 5K, which in plain English just means the footage looks very clear. Which is useful.


There were a number of safety features in our old drone, but the new one has even more.

It has motion detectors on its top, front, and bottom, so it’s incredibly aware of anything around it, and it even knows to land itself just as the battery conks out on us.

So, we don’t know about you, but we think we made the right move in bidding farewell to our old drone, as emotional an experience as that was.

We’ll leave you for now with some more thoughts on this difficult decision from our Mike.

Enjoy, and remember, for lots more about our aerial videography service, do check out our specialist page right here:

* This was particularly the case for Mike, who has a troubling tendency to stroll around in his residence sans clothes. Or so we’ve heard…

** Steady on now


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