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Script writing for a corporate video – the do’s and don’ts!

In case you hadn’t noticed, online video is a pretty big deal nowadays!

The video website YouTube receives 1 billion unique visitors each month, online video accounts for an incredible 50% of all traffic from mobile devices, and it is estimated that 78% of us watch videos online every single week.

With these statistics in mind, It’s no surprise that video has become a huge part of a companies’ marketing campaign, no matter what sector it is the business resides in.

So, what makes a professional, impactful video? Well, before you even start thinking about creating your video, you’re going to need a script writing.

A script is essentially a video’s blueprint. It allows your actors, narrators, and film crew to all work in the same direction, keeping everyone involved and – forgive the pun – on the same page.

Every story has a narrative, and your video is no different. It is the script for your video that drives its narrative – in simpler terms, your script is your way of getting your key messages across in the tone you want.

The strength of your video relies on the strength of your script. Quite simply, it doesn’t matter how good your video looks – if the script doesn’t hit the target, your video will be a flop.

Let’s have a look at the stages you’ll need to go through to create a fantastic script for your video, and the do’s and don’ts along the way!


The initial planning of your video’s script is incredibly important. It is the key stage of the process for identifying the messages you’ll want your narrative to convey, as well as the tone you’ll be using throughout your effort.

It is important at this point to not overload your video with messages. Stick to the key points you want your script to get across, and keep it simple!


Spend time on your script. This sounds obvious, but you’d be amazed at just how beneficial it is to get your video’s script in order before you reach the production stage.
Applying time on your script in pre-production, rather than having to act quickly on your feet in production, will lead to a far better end product, as well as savings on everyone’s time and money.

Once you’ve spent this time on your script, it will help you to know exactly what is required to create your video – whether it be props, equipment, key personnel, etc. Now that’s effective management!


How’s that tone of yours coming across in the script? Prior to beginning the production process, a script reading is essential.

Your script should now have a voice – but is it precisely the one you want? Could a sentence here or there be tweaked, to convey your message across a little more succinctly?

A script reading will help you answer these questions. Make sure everyone involved in the creation of the video is present, and has a chance to offer their thoughts. Don’t think that your first draft is the perfect version – no matter how attached to it you are!

You won’t find many more productive uses of time than this, we promise. Your script reading is also the perfect time for “creatives” and “corporates” to meet, to openly discuss the video and gain approval from all sides.


You’re all ready to go with the creation of your video. Before you start the production process, however, just take a moment to have one final look at your script, and make sure that what you have on your page adequately answers these questions:

  • Is this video scripted well enough so that a layman can understand our business and services?
  • Is our script hitting all of our key messages?
  • Will this script and consequent video be a source of pride for our business?
  • Are we happy with presenting this video to clients, prospective clients, and associates?
  • Is our script written in the tone we want – and follows the tone set down by the written word on our website?
  • Is this video something we’d be comfortable with pushing out on social media platforms?

If the answer to any of those questions is “no” – it’s time to have another look at your script.


Good videos are usually the result of careful planning and structured script writing.

A good, carefully constructed script, drives the content in the video in a concise manner and in a narrative that follows a logical sequence that everyone can understand.

The perfect script should have dual qualities: it should hook your target audience from beginning till end, but it should also be a call to action, too.

This video is your one shot at explaining your business and services to the entire world, so it’s a good idea to get its script spot on!

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