Using Animation to Bring Dull Topics Alive!

Animation is a brilliant thing. After all, it can turn even the dullest of topics into something that people are a lot more likely to watch – and there’s a high chance they’ll retain the key information contained within too.

Here’s why we think animation is the perfect way to make stories that most businesses have to tell go from insipid to inspiring. Move over traditional video productions – you are *so* 2018…

Complex information is easier to break down with animation

According to the US agency Insivia, viewers retain a huge 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared with just 10% of the message when they read it in plain text.

We like this statistic so much we even made a GIF about it – look!

This “message” being conveyed to a viewer can often contain some complex information – and this is where animations can really excel.

Animated explainer videos are one of the most popular forms of video out there at the moment because they make things so easy to understand – particularly complex information made up of statistics, facts, figures, or instructions.

Got some really difficult terminology to break down? No problem. Does your product have several components that each need explaining? Not to worry.

Animation has your back, which is why animated video is an ideal way to prevent consumer confusion and, ultimately, increase sales.

Different types of animation can suit specific subjects better

Animation is a versatile beast, and some forms of animation work best for certain topics.

For example, 2D animation is fantastic at showcasing ideas quickly, creatively, and informatively, as well as engaging with an international audience in a friendly and informative manner.

3D animation, meanwhile, is ideal for digitalised building walkthroughs or for breaking products some might see as being a little “dry” – such as car engines, double glazed windows, or LED lighting – down into their individual components.

Making sure you have the right form of your animation is something that is often overlooked but really shouldn’t be!

It’s important that you speak to a video production company for advice on the type of animation that can best suit your business.

Talking heads are dull and people are unreliable

Let’s face it – most people don’t want to be on camera. And if they do, what happens if they are ill or can’t make it on the day?

Why go through the rigmarole of having to ask reluctant people to be in your videos when animation is on hand?

Animation solves every little issue like this by reducing the contributing factors that may result in a video delay or a project not being completed.

Besides, who really wants to watch people talking to camera for ages about something that’s not particularly interesting? Not us, that’s for sure…

To conclude, we regularly get told that somebody’s business couldn’t possibly have a video of its own because what the company does is too “dull” or “boring”.

We think this just isn’t the case at all. As we’ve shown above, we believe that animation can be the perfect way to showcase any part of any business in a visually stimulating and informative way.

Don’t believe us? Well, why not give us a ring and see if we can prove you wrong?!

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