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It’s fair to say that here at STM HQ we’re not really big gamblers.

Aside from the annual punt on the Grand National and Oli’s 5,000/1 accumulator on the weekend’s football (which, he assures us, will definitely produce a winner one day) we’re not a team who fritters money away on wagers.

Having said all that, there’s one bet which all of us here would take on, and it is this – the company you (yes, you!) work for has some form of promotional/marketing material at its disposal.

When you cut away the bluster, the world of business comes down to one thing – sales.

Whether you make birthday cards, take customers from A to B, or create video and animation productions, sales are the lifeblood of your business.

How do you increase your chances of more sales? You promote your business, using materials such as…

• Flyers (and other printed literature)
• Billboard advertisements
• Online adverts (On search engines or social media platforms)
• Stationery (your company’s name on pens, pencils, rulers, etc.)
• TV advertisements
• Wrapping for vehicles (e.g. your logo and website address on your company’s vans)
• Online videos

…and so on and so forth.

All of these things are really great, and they all serve a purpose, but we think there’s a marketing material that can rival them.

Welcome to the world of video brochures!

What the heck are video brochures?

They sound scary, but video brochures are simply customisable promotional offerings made out of card with an LCD screen enclosed within and the capability to play videos of your choice.

Video brochures come with features such as control buttons (Play, Pause, Volume, etc.) and a built in speaker – so if you were thinking that the only videos you could put in them were silent ones, think again!

OK, sounds cool, but what could I use them for?

Lots of things – both marketing related and otherwise. Here’s a brief list off the top of our heads:

• To help promote the launch of a new product
• To present information about in-house training
• To build awareness of your company or organisation
• To advertise your offerings to a target audience
• To provide an innovative and interesting gift to existing clients
• To be sent as part of tenders to make your submission really stand out from the crowd

We’re sure there are other things you can do with video brochures but we think that list is a pretty good initial overview!

You’ve convinced me – can you help me with getting one?

Absolutely not.

Only kidding – of course we can! Why do you think we’re writing this?!

If you want a video brochure, our video production and animation teams can create short, engaging videos perfect for inclusion within one – whatever your sector, whatever your size.

Not only that, but we can also help you through the entire process of acquiring some video brochures of your own – from sourcing them through to delivering them.

You can find out more over on our dedicated webpage about video brochures right here.


Interested? We think you should be. Yes, we’re biased, but we do think that video brochures are absolutely fantastic and would be very, very worthy additions to your marketing materials list.

To conclude, here’s a video we’ve knocked together where our Matt showcases a video brochure for you. Enjoy!


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