Why the West Midlands?

Why would any successful video production company be based in the West Midlands, or in particular Wolverhampton?

Good question! It is perhaps more by luck than judgement, at least initially, that we are here.

Mike and I set up Stone’s Throw when we met here over 10 years ago (I feel old now!). Naturally you start out wherever you happen to be, so the West Midlands made sense for us.

As the business went from being a hobby and something we did on the side at university to a real functioning business with legs (not literally) however, we did have to consider whether we were in the right location or not.

Here’s why we think we are!

Central Location

I always thought being in London would make a lot of sense, and perhaps having a presence there still does.

Being in Wolverhampton, Birmingham, or anywhere else in the West Midlands has its advantages though.

The most obvious one of these is our central location. For the video production side of our business, we can reach many cities/locations in all four directions within a couple of hours.

This is not only good for us and our clients, but for everyone – our central location means less time on the road, which in turn means less traffic and less air pollution.

That’s the video production side of things anyway – our animation team can work for anyone, anywhere!

Place of work

In the early days we worked out of our own homes, but having a place to actually come to work is very important from my point of view. It gives us a place to keep work at work, and home at home. It gives us structure to the day – and of course a little bit of Vitamin D!

For us, “work” is the University of Wolverhampton Science Park, a fantastic location and home to around 100 businesses across a number of buildings.

The Science Park offers office accommodation, workshop space, and meeting rooms, and provides a real community spirit. We love being based here!

Cost of living

Put simply, our money goes further here!

Research carried out in 2017 by the Birmingham Mail shows that the West Midlands region has one of the lowest costs of living in the UK, meaning that we here end up better off than those almost anywhere else.

Now that’s music to our ears!


You can live a really good lifestyle here in the West Midlands, and it’s not a surprise to us that many businesses are either relocating here, starting here, or considering moving here.

So, if you’re looking for a video production company based in the region – and proud to be so(!) – well, you know where we are.

Quite literally.

Take a look at our work...

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