why your business needs corporate video

It’s a well known fact that corporate video results in more conversions and retention rates for customers. According to a report published by ReelSEO, 96% of B2B organisations use video in some capacity during their marketing campaigns, of which 73% report positive results to the ROI.

In light of this, here are 7 reasons why we think your business needs video!

Corporate video explains things in a way words can’t

Whether you choose an animated video or opt to have a real life setting, you are providing information in a more beneficial way from the off.  Take animation for example; you can present stats and complicated details in a more visual way, which can only be positive. Research has shown that people are 85% more likely to purchase a product after watching a corporate video – so what are you waiting for?

Increased conversion rates and higher ROI

As originally outlined, of the businesses which turn to video in their marketing campaign, almost three quarters of them report positive results! Video really can be the key to improving your online presence, too, as the next point nicely explains…

Word of mouth spreads…

People are 50% more likely to speak about what they see, as opposed to just 10% of people sharing what they hear. By packing information in to a short video, you’ll be sure to see quickfire results.

Corporate video production in action

You will improve your online visibility

A little obvious, but the more digital avenues you explore, the more ground you’ll cover.  According to a report by Moovly, you are 53 times more likely to show up in search results if you have videos on your website. So, if you are actively uploading corporate video to your YouTube channel and website, you’re more likely to be found in search engines and by potential customers, clients and partners.

Videos are easily shareable

So you’ve got a lot of information you need to get out there but your web page full of bland text isn’t being seen by anyone? Maybe you need a corporate video. Social media platforms are making it even easier to share videos with a simple tap. Just think of all the attention your business will start receiving…

You will build brand trust

Think of marketing videos as the voice of your company. Ideas + professional production company = your brand’s trust rating going through the roof

Mobile users will love you

More traffic than ever is coming from smartphones and tablets, and what better content to push to them than videos? Smartphone users are 1.4x more likely to watch adverts on their devices than desktop users and TV watchers, so let’s get started working on your corporate video ideas!

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