Wolves in Europe

If you’re a football fan and/or a native of the West Midlands, you’re probably aware that something pretty significant has happened – “the Wolves” have made it back to the European bigtime!

OK, it’s not the Champions League, and it’s not the knock-out stages (yet!), but by beating Torino our local team Wolverhampton Wanderers have successfully made it into the group stages of the Europa League – joining global heavyweights such as Arsenal, Roma, and Lazio, as well as obscure no-hopers such as Oleksandriya, Istanbul Basaksehir, and Manchester United.

A chance for the West Midlands to thrive

We love seeing all things West Midlands thrive for the greater good of the region – whether that’s football teams, universities, manufacturing companies or…well…businesses in general.

When these kinds of organisations do well, the “trickle down” effect to the local economy is only going to be a good thing. For example, when these organisations need stand out videos and/or animated videos it may help companies who offer such services **cough cough**.

We’re proud of our home city and region, and proud to offer a service which provides benefits to the local community and economy.

Positive vibes across the city

“Great for them, but so what?” we hear you cry.

Well, we know that a football club is more than just a place overpaid prima donnas go to to throw themselves to the ground every five minutes.

Instead, a football club (no matter its size) is the beating heart of a local community and an institution of great civic importance. Just ask the people of Bury if you don’t believe us.

Since Wolves’ triumph we’ve noticed a real buzz around the city – a positive energy emanating from the Molineux which is proving quite infectious!

At a time when things can be a little tough for people, this positivity is just the tonic the city needs – both for the local population and for businesses in the region too.


We know Wolverhampton and the West Midlands struggle with perception, and we also know that things are a lot better here than people from outside the region believe.

Changing that perception however is very tough.

Wolves being in Europe shows that good things can happen here! Significant players want to play football here, and people across the world now recognise the Wolves logo and name.

This can help other institutions in the city too – encouraging students to apply to the University of Wolverhampton, for example.

This European run, coupled with other exciting developments in the city (and the West Midlands region as a whole) is giving us real momentum to improve that perception one step at a time.

Prize money and spending

European football means more reasons for people to come into the city itself, more money being spent here, and more visitors from abroad arriving.

This in turn may accelerate Wolves’ plans to redevelop Molineux increasing its capacity in the process – good news for local construction companies and their suppliers.

The potential for even more people to come to the city in the future is higher as well.

According to the Birmingham Mail there could be £30m of prize money up for grabs. Take into account TV revenue, ticket sales, food, merchandising, corporate activity etc and we could be talking about a fairly hefty sum coming into the club!


So here’s to the Wolves and the West Midlands as a whole! Let’s keep the momentum going across the region!

We’ll leave you for now with two projects we have worked on with two of the most famous football clubs in the West Midlands – a kit launch video for West Bromwich Albion, and a season ticket animation for Wolves!

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