Working with a video production company

In the current digital age, an increasing number of brands are looking to work with a video production company as a method of improving conversion – but many executives don’t know where to start.  So we’ve outlined our top 10 tips for contacting, working and maintaining relationships with companies just like us. Enjoy!

Be prepared

When approaching a video production company you need to know what it is you’re trying to market and who you’re trying to target, so make sure you are prepared for any questions they may ask.

Have a script ready, or some bullet points

While some video production companies can put a script together for you, this will come at an additional cost and adds valuable time on to the estimated completion time. Having a script ready, or some bullet points on the messages you want to portray will be your key to a quick turnaround.

Know exactly why you need a video

Why do you need a video? Whether it’s to market a product, sell your vision or inform customers you’ll need to know this in advance and after all, it’s important to get the video production company excited about the job so you see better results!


Allow the video production company to input their thoughts

While you’re sure you know what you want, be sure to remember that those producing your video are the experts and may have some valuable neutral ideas.

Understand your budget

Video production often doesn’t come cheap so be sure to know your budget before approaching the company as this is one of the first questions you are likely to be asked.

Be realistic

While you might want your video done in a week’s time, you may be sacrificing the quality of it by asking them to rush. Bear in mind that production companies will have other clients too so it’s important to get the right balance and be realistic with your expectations.


It may seem obvious, but without communication your required deadline will be nothing but a distant star in the sky. Ensure you are feeding back any comments to the video production company as they will need these to proceed.

Feed them!

Remember they are humans too so a sandwich and a cup of tea if they are on an all day job will go a long way towards getting the job done quicker – nobody wants a cranky production team.

Be honest

If you don’t like something or want something added, tell them! You may reach a stage where it’s too late in the process to change anything without repeating the process or adding an additional cost, so honesty is key.

Thank them

Production companies put a lot of time and effort in to the videos they create and often go beyond their means for their clients. A quick thank you goes a long way and maintains a good relationship should you require their services in the future.


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