Why Isn't Anyone Watching My Video?!

How can I get more people to find my videos?

At some point in time, we’ve all been there – yes, even veterans of the video production industry such as ourselves.

You’ve slogged over a video for hours, battled through the tears and the bleary eyes, spent an age editing it to within an inch of its life…before discovering a fortnight after its publication that it’s been viewed 3 times – once by yourself, once by a relative, and once by an insomniac trying to find a video at 2am which will help them to fall asleep.

How can this be the case? Your video is great – even your nan told you how much she liked it, after she put her false teeth in – so why isn’t it getting any traction on the world wide web?

Well, we think we have a few answers to this conundrum, and they revolve around video SEO.

Video SEO can help your video to be discovered

A lot of attention is paid to SEO (“search engine optimisation”) in regards to websites, but even in 2016 the importance of the strategy is being overlooked when it comes to videos.

It really shouldn’t be, however – particularly when you consider how easy it is to do.

In our video below, our Mike takes you through the world of video SEO, tackling aspects such as…

  • Your video’s title (using Google Keyword Planner)
  • The video’s description box (and what should go in there)
  • A video’s tags (and how they should be specific)

…in the process.

It’s simple stuff, but we promise it makes a difference – particularly if it can become a consistent part of your video marketing strategy.

After all, as we showed above – it doesn’t matter how good your video might be, if it’s not gaining any exposure it will remain unwatched!

So, that’s enough wittering from us. Grab a cuppa, sit back, and enjoy Mike’s dulcet tones right here!

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