How to Create a YouTube Playlist

By Matt Weston


Being a video production company, the importance of creating and sharing our videos on YouTube (alongside other relevant channels) certainly isn’t lost on us.

But how do you catalogue your videos on YouTube in an easy and coordinated manner? Well, for this, you’re going to need playlists.

A YouTube playlist is an effective way to organize videos on YouTube – whether they’re videos you’ve created yourself, have uploaded yourself, or just clips from elsewhere that you particularly like.

A YouTube playlist is an essential part of a channel’s marketing strategy, particularly when you consider the monumental importance of video – it’s estimated that by 2017, Internet video traffic will make up 69% of all global consumer Internet traffic.

Not only is a YouTube playlist remarkably efficient, but it can also provide other benefits too.

It can increase engagement with an audience, provides a viewer with an extended viewing experience, and helps a prospective client know which group of videos could be relevant to them.

Quite frankly, we love YouTube playlists – which is why we have ten of the things!

So that’s the importance of a YouTube playlist, but how do you go about creating one?

Luckily, it couldn’t be simpler. Here’s our tutorial video, which we promise won’t take up more than four minutes of your time…


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