YouTube Tutorials

By Matt Weston

If you’re reading this – a blog entry from a video production company – we reckon there’s a pretty good chance that you know what YouTube is.

In fact, it’s difficult to find someone who doesn’t know what YouTube is – and my goodness, how we’ve tried.

We contacted the team up in the ISS, thinking that if anyone wouldn’t know about YouTube, it’d be the guys living 400km above Earth.

Sadly, they told us that before they begin their science-spacey-research (technical term), they have their breakfast and watch videos of cats falling over, so we drew a blank there.

Undeterred, Matt and Mike packed up their suitcases and travelled to a remote region of Siberia, where it’s -15c in the winter and the inhabitants only eat raw fish.

“They won’t know what YouTube is”, they thought. But they were wrong. You should have seen the look on the locals’ faces when Zoella was mentioned.

Alright, so everyone knows what YouTube is, and how to watch videos on it.

How many people, however, know how to get the most out of the site when uploading videos of their own?

That question was the driving force behind a series of YouTube tutorials we created for those who are a little unsure about using the site as an uploader, rather than a watcher.

Our YouTube tutorials include…

  1. YouTube or Vimeo – which one should you use to upload your video?
  2. How to upload a video onto YouTube
  3. How to add custom thumbnails on YouTube
  4. How to decorate your YouTube channel with the art of your choice
  5. How to embed a YouTube video onto your website
  6. How to make a YouTube playlist
  7. How to enhance your video’s web presence
  8. How to upload a 360 video onto YouTube

…and are all wrapped up in a playlist which, if we’ve got this right, should be found by clicking the button below…


We know that for a lot of people, all of this will be easy stuff, and to those of you we say “ooh, get you with your subscription to WatchMojo and your unboxing videos!”.

For others, however, our videos may be of real help, which is fantastic because we’re nice people and we like to help others.

Whatever your abilities, we hope you enjoy our YouTube tutorials. If you have any suggestions for future tutorial videos, we’d love to hear from you…

…unless they’re really complex, in which case you can pipe down.

Click below to watch some of our projects...

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