Express & Star Business Awards 2018

There are a number of things in life which are – when you really sit and think about them – silly.

Take sport, for example. Now we know that this is controversial, but we think it’s true. Any sport, when you boil it down to its fundamentals, is silly:

“So I hit this sphere by swinging a stick made out of iron…and I’m trying
to get it into a hole scooped out of grass 400 yards away, is that right?”

You know what else we think is a bit silly? Awards.

Do you have to suddenly prefer ‘Titanic’ over ‘LA Confidential’ because the former triumphed over the latter to win the Best Picture Oscar at the 1997 Academy Awards?

Are ‘One Direction’ a more credible musical outfit if they have (at the time of writing) 7 Brit Awards compared to REM’s 3, Arcade Fire’s 2, or Blur’s 5?

We’re not convinced, which is why we don’t think winning awards should be the be all and end all.

Having said all that, may we introduce you to our new baby?

express and star award winners 2018 micro business of the year 
Yes, we’re hypocrites, because whilst we still believe in what we said above, we’re very proud of what we were presented with on the evening of Thursday 7th June 2018 – the trophy for ‘Micro Business of the Year’ at the Express & Star’s Business Awards 2018.

Things like this don’t really happen to us that often. In fact, the last award Team STM received was when we all went round to Mike’s house for his Veal Oscar – the award we got for acting like it was edible.

Aside from picking up an award (let’s see how many more times we can mention that), we had an absolutely fantastic night at the event held at the Wolverhampton Racecourse.

Compered by the legendary Alan “Voice of the Balls” Dedicoat, the evening featured 11 award categories in total, and we’d like to extend our hearty congratulations to our fellow winners:

Moog Aircraft Group (Growth and Innovation Award)
Simon Guy-Holt – A Chimney Sweep (Tradesperson of the Year)
• Adrian Jackson – Wolverhampton Grand Theatre (Business Person of the Year)
Paycare (Community Champion)
• Midland Tool and Design (Manufacturing Champion)
H20 Hygiene (Young Business of the Year)
Thomas Dudley Foundry (Best Use of Technology)
A & A Walters (Family Business of the Year)
Petford Group (Small to Medium Sized Business of the Year)
Pallet-Track (Business of the Year)

We’d like to take a moment for a few thankyous, if we may.

Our thanks to the sponsors of our award category, the City of Wolverhampton Council, for coming to visit us beforehand for judging purposes and for presenting us with our award (there we go again!) on the night itself.

We’d like to thank our fellow nominees in the category – High Tech Automotive Parts and Invictus Active – for their good grace on the evening. We know all too well that “nominated but not won” feeling.

Finally, we’d like to thank the good people at Wolverhampton Racecourse for looking after us so well on the night, and the Express & Star newspaper for a wonderful Business Awards.

We’re really proud of this award, and we’d like to assure people we’ll look after it forever. Who knows, maybe in a few years’ time it will be joined by a ‘Business of the Year’ big brother on our mantelpiece?!

express and star award winners 2018 micro business of the year

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