Midlands Enterprise Universities Event 2018

With one notable exception* we’ve loved every event we’ve been invited to since our formation in 2011, but the one on Thursday 28th June 2018 probably has to be right up there amongst the very best!

That hot summer’s day saw the holding of the inaugural Enterprise Showcase Event – the very first edition of a series of events designed for creatives, entrepreneurs, and business owners connected to the Midlands Enterprise Universities (MEU) collaboration.

Not only were we invited to the event held at the Grand Station in Wolverhampton, but our Matt and Mike even had the honour of delivering its keynote speech – a speech described by, well, Matt, as a barnstorming, powerful oration all about how Stone’s Throw was formed and then able to grow thanks to the support network on hand every step of the way.

Midlands Enterprise Universities Event 2018

Pinky and Perky take to the stage

The MEU initiative is a partnership of seven entrepreneurial universities working together to support the drive in productivity and growth in the Midlands through skills, innovation, and enterprise.

As alumni of one of the universities involved in the scheme – the University of Wolverhampton – it was our honour to be asked to speak at the event, particularly as it was hosted by Enterprise Action, the initiative who (under its previous name of SPEED+) helped us on our journey to be where we are today.

Great ideas, great networking, great food, great air conditioning – it was all there on the day, and Matt and Mike loved every second of telling the attendees their story and listening to others share their experiences too.

Midlands Enterprise Universities Event 2018

News begins to filter through that Manchester United are losing again

Speaking exclusively to me after the event, Matt said:

“Presenting to the entrepreneurs just starting out in their journey was really rewarding.”

“To those looking to grow their businesses our story can hopefully help inspire them. After all, if we can do it, why can’t they?”

If you’d like to know more about the MEU programme, why not visit its website? You can find it right here.


* We don’t want to go into it in detail, but it involved Mike getting the wrong end of the stick and being escorted out of the building naked

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