360 Video

We've got all angles covered!

It almost goes without saying that innovation is the key driver of technology. Whatever the product, companies are constantly trying to push the boundaries and deliver cutting-edge results for a 21st century audience.

The good news is that video production is no exception to this, which is why over the past few years a new form of video has arrived – and it’s a real game-changer. Welcome to 360 video!

Put simply, a 360 video is an effort created with numerous cameras which record all angles of a desired scene simultaneously.

Once filmed, the footage is then stitched together in an editing suite to generate the 360-degree effect.

From there, viewers are able to watch the video from every angle – whether they’re viewing it on a computer or on a mobile device – controlling the camera by tilting and panning as they go.

In 2015, YouTube announced that they would support 360 videos on their website, and since then they’ve certainly proved a big hit with audiences, with demand for them growing by the day. Even Facebook can now accommodate them!

Here at Stone’s Throw Media, we love innovation and 360 videos, which is why we’ve started making some of our own! Please see the video above for one of our efforts in this field.

Aside from looking awesome, 360 videos could have real benefits for various professional sectors in the years ahead.

For example, a 360 video would be ideal for a view of the inside of a building – perfect for estate agents with available properties, sports teams showcasing their stadiums on matchdays, or higher education institutions displaying the footfall they receive at their open days.

We also like to push the boundaries and create 360 videos like the one above, where our cameras were attached to a Formula 3 car, allowing the viewer to get an on-board ride like never before.

Suitably impressed? If you’d like a 360 video of your own, we know we can help, so drop us a line today.


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