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Ever wanted to showcase your organisation from the air but couldn’t do so due to capability or cost? In the not so distant past, aerial video was generally restricted to large budget films and television commercials – but not any more! The advancements in drone technology in recent years has made many aerial video techniques available to small businesses across the United Kingdom and beyond.

We have in house CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) licensed drone pilots as well as state of the art drones. Our drones are able to capture incredible quality, 4k video footage in a variety of different areas such as construction sites, housing, business premises both indoor and outside, conservation sites and much more. Having drones in our arsenal has given us the flexibility to gain a far better variety of shots with angles that were not possible without a drone.

Our drone can safely reach heights of up to 400ft above ground, allowing us to record stunning aerial footage and aerial photography from viewpoints that are rarely seen. We stream the aerial drone footage to monitors on the ground in real time which helps both the aerial video team and the client to see what the aerial camera is filming. We are able to adjust the camera pan, tilt, framing and drone flight path as we fly to get the best shots without having to constantly land the drone. This means we are super efficient on site.

Our remote control gimbal system will deliver smooth fluid drone filming shots even in slightly difficult conditions such as light wind.

All commercial drone flying in the UK is governed by the CAA and we are pleased to say that we follow these rules and operate safely at all times.


We use DJI Inspire 2 drones for outdoor filming and Mavic Air drones for indoor filming. Each drone is capable of filming beautiful 4k footage and stunning aerial photos.


What is the problem you are trying to solve? In some circumstances, aerial video isn’t always the best solution when we get to the heart of the problem.

Does the company that you’re considering hiring have a license to fly drones?

Do they have insurance?

What experience do they have?

What equipment do they have at their disposal?

Is the location for filming safe for shooting aerial video? If it is close to a road, railway track or an airport, these could be telltale signs that it isn’t safe but it is always worth checking with the pilots.


Are you looking to show something that would truly benefit from aerial filming – a building, area of natural beauty, or other specific locations? Is there an activity associated with your organisation that may work well with aerial photography such as sports or vehicles?

You can add a real touch of class and increase production levels massively, without hefty prices making them inaccessible.

  They take the time to fully understand your brief and desired outcomes, make good recommendations on how to get the best out of your project and support you in a timely manner to ensure deadlines are met.  
Louisa, University of Wolverhampton
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