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Corporate video production doesn’t have to be a boring affair with cheesy music, dull voiceovers, and terrible acting. We’re committed to making corporate videos – but corporate videos that belong in the 21st century.

Our corporate videos are designed to not only be visually stimulating but informative, detailed, and with a sprinkling of fun where possible too – ultimately it is all about supporting your goals and objectives thus making them perfect to help a business or organisation promote its nature, ethos, or team.


Corporate videos are all about a business or an organisation communicating to their target audience or staff. They often give an overview of the establishment in question, share key statistics, talk about why they exist in the first place or even welcome new employees on board to share their ethos and way of doing things. Corporate videos come in all shapes and sizes and the phrase doesn’t mean one singular type of video but its term has become popular and well known (hence us making a page all about it!).

What is really key to making a good corporate video is knowing your goals and establishing what KPI’s we need to know to measure real impact and success for your corporate video campaign! This helps us to tailor the direction and messaging to the right audience and to maximise results. Some of the best work on videos is done before a camera is even switched on. Then we head into our proven video production process (which you can watch a video on that very topic on this page) to make your production the best it can be as well as on time and on budget.


Social video generates 1200% more shares than text and image content combined. (G2 Crowd)

A website is 53 times more likely to reach the front page of Google if it includes video. (Insivia)

Adding video to your emails can increase click rates by 300%. (HubSpot)


We were approached by the team at Tamlite Lighting regarding the creation of a corporate video designed to showcase the company’s every aspect!

To do this, we first took to the road to carry out several recces of the sites we needed to capture footage from, before then taking in the activity at both Tamlite’s Redditch HQ and its site in Telford with our cameras.

Once we had done that, we took our footage and shaped it into a narrative exploring how every Tamlite product passes through each facet of the company before its ready to reach its customer.

We then added text to our video – to help drive this narrative – before providing it with an extra flourish with a music track which really holds the viewer’s attention!


Briggs Equipment UK is one of the largest suppliers of materials handling equipment in the country, and is proud to work with thousands of companies across the nation to assist them in making their businesses work.

One such company Briggs works with is Marston’s – the British brewery celebrated as being (at the time of writing) the world’s largest brewer of cask ale.

When Marston’s had to move into a new depot to cope with increasing demand, its team turned to Briggs for assistance – and we were on hand to capture their good work at the site!

For this project, our corporate video production team hit the road and headed to Marston’s new depot in Thurrock, Essex.

The aim of our video was to highlight the work Briggs had put in at the depot as part of its partnership with Marston’s.

  I had the pleasure of working with Stone's Throw Media on a video to support a kit launch at West Bromwich Albion FC. The STM team did a fantastic job of creating a video concept I loved, they communicated with me at all stages and I felt really involved in the process which I really appreciated.  
Megan McBurnie - West Bromwich Albion
Corporate Video Production examples

We know that good corporate videos can really work – which is why we’re always on hand to create them for your business.

So, when you’re ready to have a chat about your corporation’s next video production, contact us to see how we can be of assistance.

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