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A notable example of the prevalence of live streaming in recent years has been the live broadcasting of business conferences and events. Wherever the location, events such as these previously had a limited audience. With live video streaming however, this is no longer the case!

Streaming your event live on the internet makes it accessible to a worldwide audience. It can dramatically increase its interaction and engagement rates. We can even provide you with the final video of the event quickly because we use state of the art vision mixers to change multiple camera angles on the go.


The days of super expensive and heavy equipment requiring a satellite dish are well and truly behind us. All we require is a high quality internet connection and good vantage points to film from and we are able to deliver a live streaming video service for you. This has helped dramatically with the costs – something that was only realistic for the likes of BBC News is now possible for many businesses. Exact costs will depend on your requirements and we will be happy to advise if you have a live streaming need.


We are able to distribute live streamed video content across many platforms online. This can be on a dedicated landing page, on YouTube or many other arenas. We can also keep the recordings of the events for watching back at a future date or for further video editing. 


Live streaming can work brilliantly for large multinational companies looking to deliver key messages across the world without unnecessary travel for lots of staff. It can work well for sports events and graduation ceremonies at universities.


67% of viewers think that video quality is the most important factor when watching a live stream broadcast. (LiveStream)

80% of viewers would rather watch live video from a brand than read their blog. (LiveStream)

7% of all live video viewers after watching a live video of an event are more likely to buy a ticket in the future of that particular event. (LiveStream)

  Used these guys for a few videos and have more in the pipe line. Very happy with the end results and they are very professional when filming on site. All the staff are very friendly and nothing is too much hassle.  
Andrew Nicholas
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As a result of this, if you have an event coming up which you would like live video streaming for, we know we can help.

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