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Personalised video marketing feature scenes where a bespoke piece of text or imagery appears which is directly related to the viewer.

For example, this could be their name, company name, interests, a photo of them, or any data which you have and can use. In simple language, it’s a video which contains unique details to a viewer. For many, it’s one thing having a great video at their disposal, but having a great video that connects to them on an individual level is even better.

Personalised videos can be sent on a huge scale – think thousands or even millions. They can be set up so that they are in a completely automatic and drip-fed process, leaving you to focus on what is important!


It starts with establishing your goals and the data available – every single case will be unique. We utilise data in spreadsheets to talk directly to our videos so that in a certain section for example we will insert customised text at 23 seconds which could be everyone’s first name. More personalisations can appear throughout the video as well as dynamic scenes that appear to viewers if certain triggers are met. So, if someone is an international student they may see a scene that a UK student does not – it makes the video completely unique to each viewer.

Once all of this is set up we are ready to hit the big red button and get your personalised videos out to the world. If you want to send 100, 10,000 or even a million videos we can do it on a large scale. The way that personalised video technology has developed means we can support your video marketing like never before.

Why are personalised videos important? The Harvard Business Review states that personalisation can reduce extra costs by 50%, lift revenues by 5-15%, and increase the efficiency of marketing spend by up to 10-30%. The advantages of valuable and tailored content for the customer can translate into significant commercial benefits.


We were approached by the team at the University of Wolverhampton to help nurture prospective students who had just gone through the clearing process.

The 45 video is designed to provide a snapshot of what it’s like to study at the university. The video includes their name and course and via email and SMS marketing.

  We have worked with Stones Throw Media for well over 5 years now and they always produce amazing videos for us. They are also at the forefront of what you can do with video with customisable videos, animations, drones.... they have loads of ideas too, to help you create a brilliant video.  
Tom Warrender - Medical Mavericks
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