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As the world of technology continues to evolve, so too does the world of video production. This evolution means that video production companies are now able to create videos using techniques not available even a few years ago – videos such as personalised ones.

In recent times the popularity of personalised videos has really soared. For many, it’s one thing having a great video at their disposal, but having a great video that connects to them on an individual level is even better.

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But what exactly do we mean when we say “a personalised video”?

Inspired by e-mails which are automated but addressed to an individual by name, a personalised video is one that features a scene (or maybe several scenes) where a bespoke piece of text (or sometimes even a photo!) appears which is directly related to the viewer – for example, it could be their name, company name, interests, a photo of them. or any other piece of data which you have and can use.

In simple language, it’s a video which contains unique details to a viewer – which makes it really connect and stand out from the crowd.

So how are personalised videos created?

Without giving away all of our secrets(!), the creation of such videos firstly requires a registration with an external company who provide the platform for the video.

Once the platform has been set up, and the content of the video has been filmed, software is then used to put the required text in at the right time and the right place. If the text appears on something that has been filmed, we have to use clever tracking techniques to make it work – just like we did at 00:02 in the video below.

Once the video is completed and sent out, viewers will be directed to a specially created landing page where they can watch the video and read more about your reason for contacting them (if necessary).

Here at Stone’s Throw Media, we love innovation, and personalised videos, which is why we’ve started making some of our own! Please see the video above for one of our efforts in this field where we have, on a few separate occasions, included personalised elements. Can you spot them?

Personalised videos can be sent on a huge scale and even set up in a way so that they are in a completely automatic and drip fed process, leaving you to focus on what is important!

So, suitably impressed, and fancy a personalised video of your own?

If so, we know we can make that happen for you, so why don’t you drop us a line today?

  We have worked with Stones Throw Media for well over 5 years now and they always produce amazing videos for us. They are also at the forefront of what you can do with video with customisable videos, animations, drones.... they have loads of ideas too, to help you create a brilliant video.  
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