Promotional Video

The use of a promotional video by a company to publicise themselves and/or their services is nothing new.

With the rise of the internet, however, this self-promotion has never been more effective!

As a production company who create video content for our clients, promotion is at the front and centre of everything we do.

Whether we’re creating a traditional video production, an animation, or a video utilising our drone, the positive promotion of our client is always at the heart of our efforts.


But what can promotional videos offer a company other than simply providing an overview of what they do?

Well, here at Stone’s Throw Media we believe that our promotional videos can…

  • Increase online visibility
  • Increase online engagement
  • Furnish social media accounts
  • Convey a company’s nature to an external audience
  • Increase a company’s standing on Google

…and more, all for a fraction of the price of a TV advert!

Not only that, an online video will open your business to a global audience, and can be tailored for your social media platforms too.

That all sounds pretty good to us!

Put simply, promotional videos are the way to publicise your business in this online age.

Suitably impressed, and fancy some promotional videos of your own? We know we can help, so drop us a line today.


  The team are fantastic - brilliant, funny and creative as well as providing the required knowledge and guidance to undertake a project that is new for our organisation. I'd definitely recommend.  
Jen Trenery - Fircroft College


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