Eye-Opening and Dazzling Video Brochures


At Stone’s Throw Media our relationship with you doesn’t finish once we’ve made your video or animation. You need to distribute and use your video and if the circumstances are right, we may recommend video brochures.

We can help you with the creation and printing of video brochures which provide a high quality promotional offering at your fingertips!


A video brochure is a printed advertising tool which can include a number of different videos within it. They have an LCD video screen enclosed within, buttons and a design to suit your brand.

A video brochure can play multiple videos ranging from a few minutes long to, if required, several hours long. You can have video brochures in a variety of shapes and sizes.

It is possible to get a business card sized brochure, A5 and all the way up to A4. Screen sizes can vary from 2.4 inches to 10.1 inches (size doesn’t matter though, right…?) and memory capacity can also scale up or down depending on your requirement. Either way, there should be a permutation that will suit what you need!


Video brochures can be used to promote the launch of a new product, as a gift for your existing or potential clients at an event, or perhaps as part of your company’s next tender bid. Imagine a video brochure in your brand with some helpful videos inside turning up on your customers desk. What kind of response do you think it would get?

No wonder then that more and more organisations are using the medium as part of their marketing endeavours! Our video production and animation teams can create short, engaging videos perfect for inclusion within video brochures, and can help you design them too!


“Giving, receiving and handling tangible objects remain deep and intuitive parts of the human experience” says the Royal Mail. 

“4 times as many customers would rather WATCH VIDEO about a product than read about it” – Animoto

97% of marketers say video has helped users gain a better understanding of their products and services. (Hubspot)

video brochures

video brochures

So, if your business could do with some video brochures to promote a product, service, or just the organisation as a whole, we know that our fantastic team can help. Contact us today.

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