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In recent times you may have heard of – or even seen – an innovative new product on the market called a video brochure.

They sound complicated (and expensive!) but in actual fact they are neither. Instead, video brochures are simply printed publications with an LCD video screen enclosed within – creating a high quality promotional offering in the process.

Equipped with an internal hard drive, control buttons (Play, Pause, Volume, etc.) and a built in speaker, a video brochure can play multiple videos ranging from a few minutes long to, if required, several hours long.

This innovation means that now printed brochures aren’t solely limited to text and still images – making them even more engaging, eye-catching, and attention-grabbing than ever before.

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Video brochures can be used to:

• Promote the launch of a new product
• Present information about in-house training
• Build awareness of your company or organisation
• Advertise your offerings to a target audience
• Provide an innovative and interesting gift to existing clients
• Be sent as part of tenders for large contracts
• Deliver an engaging message within bids for tenders

More and more companies are using video brochures, which is why here at Stone’s Throw Media we’re thrilled to offer our skills for their creation!

You can design the video brochures to fit your company brand guidelines, and include any video you wish. We can support you on video production, animation and much more or we can use an existing video of your choosing.

Our video production and animation teams can create short, engaging videos perfect for inclusion within video brochures – whatever your sector, whatever your size.

Video brochures are a great way to utilise the medium of video for your external marketing campaigns, and will certainly impress the recipient in the process!

So, if your business could do with some video brochures to promote a product, service, or just the organisation as a whole, we know that our fantastic team can help.

Why don’t you drop us a line today? Our contact details are below!

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