Meet the Team (Oli)

Welcome to the seventh instalment of our ‘Meet the Team’ blog posts – a series where we reveal a little bit more about our video production team.

This time around we’re meeting our Organiser, Oli!
1) Favourite TV programme?

“Blackadder, apart from season 1. It’s rubbish”

2) What job did you want to do when you were younger?

“I wanted to be an actor or a fireman. Which is funny because I’m quite shy and don’t like being hot”

3) Dream holiday destination?

“I would love to visit Shangri La music studios in Malibu, California”

4) Who would win in the fight and why – a duck sized lion or 50 lion sized ducks?

“50 lion sized ducks. A duck of any size is not doing damage to anything”

Video Production Team Oliver Dutton

5) Favourite film?

“I don’t watch many films. I love Pulp Fiction though”

6) If you were to host a dinner party, which 5 people from history would you invite?

“John Lennon, Brian Clough, David Bowie, Alex Turner, Billy Wright”

7) Favourite animal?

“My dog, Jax!”

8) Favourite food?

“Meat Feast Pizza, XXL (Go big or go home)”

9) What’s the BEST thing about working for STM?

“Seeing a video go from an idea or just a conversation go straight through to being something awesome. The people are okay as well, I guess”

10) Tell us a (clean) joke

“I can only do self-deprecating humour, I’m not a funny person. You kind of have to be there, I’m sorry”

Want to know even more about our video production team? If so, head on over to our About Us page!


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