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Welcome to the third instalment of our ‘My Favourite Project’ series of blog posts!

We love every client we work with and every project we tackle here at Stone’s Throw, but for our team there are usually one or two projects which stand out above the rest as personal favourites.

In this series, we’ll be asking each member of Team STM to share with you their favourite project to date, and reveal why it’s their Number One.

This time around we’re hearing from our Animation Assassin, Gurpreet!

Who was our client for this project?

For this project we worked with the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA) to create an animated explainer video about its revised UK Quality Code for Higher Education – a key reference point for HE institutions across the country.


Could you tell us about the client’s initial brief for this one?

Using their existing animation about the Code as an example, QAA approached us to create a new animation about its revised Code in a different style to the last one!

To do this, our initial brief tasked us with explaining to the viewer what the Quality Code is, how the Expectations, Practices, and Advice and Guidance sections within it fit together, and how each element should be used by providers across the UK.

What part did you play in tackling this brief, and how did you go about it?

I was project leader for this animation, so I was in charge of communicating with the client and keeping them up-to-date with the project’s progress.

My colleague Jamie, the overseer for the animation, and I both went through the initial ideas generation and storyboarding stages together so that we could come up with a solid concept and flow to how the animation would play out.

However I created the concepts to nail down the visual style and created the animation as a whole – with Jamie’s help for some final tweaks!

Why do you think that this one is your favourite project so far?

When it comes to the style of an animation I tend to try and put more detail into them.

Since I also draw semi-realistic concept art outside of work, I like to try and implement this style into our animations when we can too.

I really like the use of colour and detail put into the graphics for this animation.

Finally, the scene where the light bulb character climbs up the blocks is my favourite part of this animated explainer video!


Want to find out more about our animated explainer video for QAA? If so, why not read our portfolio piece all about it right here!

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