DJI S1000 Drone

By Matt Weston


Ladies and gentlemen, we have some breaking news to bring you! (We’ve always wanted to say that)

We’re unbelievably excited to announce that in the coming weeks we’ll be the proud owners of a brand spanking new drone, meaning our aerial video exploits are about to become better than ever before!

We’re getting a DJI S1000 drone, which just might be the coolest thing ever.

To see what this baby can do, check out the promotional video of the DJI S1000 (made by the good folks at DJI) below.

Designed for professional aerial videography and aerial photography, the drone will enable us to capture stunning footage in places which a helicopter simply couldn’t – for a fraction of the price and without any need for flying permits. Sounds good to us!

The drone boasts two self-steadying gyroscopes, the ability to fly up to 1,000m(!) and the facility to allow a customer to view the drone’s live footage from the ground as it happens.

All being well, we’re hoping to have the DJI S1000 in our arsenal in the next few weeks, and after a few flying tests it should be commercially available for customers by the end of August, 2014.

The only hold up now is waiting for the good people who make it to finish building it!

To celebrate, plans are afoot for a special launch event, as well as a tour where we intend to take the drone to loads of cool places and get some awesome footage.

Where will we be going? Well it’s dependent on planning permissions, but we’re thinking of local landmarks such as The Wrekin, Villa Park, and Birmingham Library, as well as some very special locations dotted around the UK – such as Dartmoor and a very famous Suspension Bridge!

It’s fair to say we can’t wait! Stay tuned to our website over the coming months for more on the drone, the launch event and our tour!

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