The importance of branding

By Matt Weston


We often get asked about the importance of branding to a company. You may have noticed the rebrand at Stone’s Throw Media. So why have we done it? Simply put, we want to show you how much we care about our brand. This translates into the products and services that companies offer – if you’ve taken the time to care about your brand & identity then people are more inclined to think that they will receive a better service.

Better perceptions outsell better products. In blind tastings of Pepsi & Coca Cola, Pepsi tends to have a slight advantage, but take the blindfold off and Coke nearly always wins.

Perception is massively important but equally so is the quality of your actual product and service.

We’re still making videos using the same methods as when we started out. It’s all about trust. If you work from home, would your clients & prospects trust you? Well probably some, although it would make expanding difficult because of trust.

With an office premises & studio & a consistent brand we are finding that people are trusting us a lot more. The feedback we get from our clients is that they love working with us because they know they can rely on us. You could be the best engineering company in the world, or the best in your particular field but without trust you have nothing.

So why have we gone for green, blue & red?

People have emotional responses to particular colours, shades and tints. Your brand colours need to reflect your brand values – you don’t want to send mixed messages such as using fiery pillarbox red for a relaxing massage!

Different colours will gain a different emotional response. We’ve chosen green because we bring fresh ideas to the table. Blue, because we are trusted & red because we’re radical – we like to make really exciting videos for our clients.

Also the use of three colours is to show that we are adaptable.

The importance of branding is evident. It says everything about your organisation – your direction, your values, how much you care & what your customers can expect. Your branding must extend through all of your marketing materials from your logo to your leaflets. From your website to your videos. Treat your brand the way you’re going to treat your customers – because that’s how it’ll be perceived!

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