Importance of Music

By Matt Weston


Creating a corporate video or animation so that it’s just right can be a long process – after all, there are plenty of things to consider!

The lighting, the audio, the special effects, the editing…they all need to be taken into account when designing a production that’s going to leave your clients with huge grins on their faces.

Another crucially important factor in creating the perfect video or animation is your choice of music. It can be overlooked, but the right piece of music can take a good video and turn it into a fantastic one.

How is this?

Well, the right piece of music can match the feel of your video storyline. It picks up on the mood you’re trying to present in your production, and helps to reflect it.

Once you know the importance of music in your video, you’ll realise that there is a harmony between the music you use and the images you’re presenting. How about this famous movie scene as a good example?

One of the key decisions you need to make when thinking about adding music to your video is whether it will be unique or not.

Personalised music means that a score will be penned with a specific project in mind. Not only will this be unique to you, but it’s also a very effective way of tying music and images together to form a powerful video. Sounds good to us!

Using tailor-made music is an investment, but if it increases the quality of your video and sticks in a viewer’s mind, it’s surely worth it.

We’ve used tailor-made music (and sound effects) before – such as in these examples:

We think it’s a fantastic idea that makes a video stand out from the crowd, so why not give it a go!

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