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By Matt Weston

Up and down the country groups and organisations are struggling to update their websites and this determination to embrace the fast-moving world of online communications illustrates why young start-up partnerships like Stone’s Throw Media have so much to offer. By developing new online video applications Matt Weston and Mike Chinn – two award winning directors – are giving encouragement to all those activists looking at ways of using video to present a fresh interpretation of their work and activities.

I know from my own voluntary work with several organisations how important it is to keep abreast of the latest techniques – and voluntary groups are willing to use some of their hard-earned income to buy in the expertise that is needed. Four of the voluntary groups which I work with have been in the midst of revamping their online presence. We all realise that we need far more than just pages of text and static pictures.

For example rotating images are an attractive addition to the websites for two of my interests – the Journalists’ Charity and the Barnet Society. The front covers of my books rotate on my own website.

So far only one site – that of the Campaign for Press and Broadcasting Freedom – has gone further and it now offers audio in the form of podcasts on media issues (for which I am currently the presenter).

For all five sites the ability to offer video presentations would no doubt represent another significant advance but first as activists and organisations we have to think through what we want to say and how that could be translated into and represented in an online video. We all aim to become interactive and encourage far greater online participation in our activities.

Having seen the work of Stone’s Throw I realise how imaginative such presentations can be…and judging by their flair I am sure it won’t be long before the trickle-down effect of their endeavours inspires all those so desperate to reinvent themselves online.

By Nicholas Jones – Nicholas Jones is a former BBC journalist, and current political commentator and author.

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