Responsive Design

By Matt Weston


Unless you’ve been living on Mars for the past decade, you’ve probably noticed that how we access the Internet has changed quite rapidly over the past few years.

In their February 2014 market review, the company ‘comScore’ highlighted the increasing popularity of consumer “multiscreening” – basically, people accessing the Internet not only on a desktop, but also on their mobiles and tablets too.

For example, you might see sports fans nowadays watching the football on their tablet, whilst also having Twitter open on their phone and checking the live scores from other matches on their laptop. Phew!

Research undertaken elsewhere has also shown that nowadays over a third of all Internet traffic is generated through a handheld mobile or a tablet device – a trend that shows no sign of stopping, seeing as the desktop’s share of traffic during that same period has actually decreased.

For website owners, the sudden increase in mobile and tablet Internet usage presented an issue – their websites, which had been designed for a desktop screen, couldn’t resize themselves when accessed on a smaller display, and so looked….well, terrible.

What could be done about this problem, consider that building a special mobile version of a website would require writing new code from scratch – a potentially time-consuming and impractical exercise in futility?

Thankfully, an answer was swiftly found – that of “responsive design”.

What does this mean? Well, it’s an approach to webpage creation that makes use of flexible layouts, thanks to some extremely clever maths that goes miles over our heads, if we’re being honest.

Instead of having to write new code, existing code could be re-purposed to build webpages that detect a visitor’s screen size and change their layout accordingly – making them look as fantastic as usual.

This effectively means that responsive design offers the best possible viewing experience to the consumer – no matter what device they’re using.

As a video production company, anything visual is of huge importance to us. We want our videos to look great, obviously, but we also want our website to do so, too.

That’s why we’re really proud that our website has been created with responsive design (thanks to our web developers Phoenix Web Solutions), meaning you can browse everything on our site with ease on your desktop, tablet or mobile.

You could even read this blog entry on five different screen sizes – if you really wanted to, of course!

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