Video Production Company - Things To Look For!

By Matt Weston

As a video production company, a huge factor in us looking great to clients is obviously through the videos we create.

Professional, fun, creative – these are all targets we strive to hit with our output.

But if you’re looking for a company to work with, is there anything you should be considering before you even look at their videos?

Here in the office, we’ve put our heads together to think of a few potentially overlooked things you should consider when choosing a video production company…

1) Are they a limited company?

Working with a limited company gives you, the client, a greater sense of “peace of mind”. Insurances such as Public Liability and Employer Liability are required by law.

Most limited companies will have Professional Indemnity insurance as well, giving you formal procedures to utilise if you’re unhappy with any work provided.

Limited companies are also generally seen as being more commercially credible and more respectable than sole traders – although this isn’t necessarily always the case!

This is where “due diligence” can be your friend – this gives you the option to investigate the public parts of a company’s finances before committing yourself to any contract with them.

You don’t want to be getting yourself involved with a company that could be on the brink of financial collapse, because you may never get your video!


2) What facilities do they have?

It’s always useful to know what physical attributes a company can offer as part of its service.

Are they using state of the art equipment, which will ensure that the product they create will be as professional as possible?

Will they use the best software available handled by employees who know it inside out? Are they using legitimate software? Do they have their own studio for filming, saving time and hassle?

We believe that clients shouldn’t be intimidated into not asking these questions to prospective partners – know what a company can offer before you sign up!


3) Is the company based in a location accessible to you?

The location of a video production company isn’t too much of an issue if it’s an animation you’re requesting, but for filming it’s an important thing to consider.

Are the company you’re looking at local to you, so that you can easily visit them – for filming or for meetings? If they’re not particularly close – are they easy to get to? Are they in an accessible location?

Here at Stone’s Throw Media we like to practice what we preach (come on, you knew this bit was coming!)

We’re a limited company, with lots of safety nets available to give us a little more protection and you a lot more peace of mind.

We believe that the equipment we use to make our videos is fan-blooming-tastic, and our team of superstars can navigate their way round the creative suite like nobody’s business.

And, of course, we’re based in the Midlands, a stone’s throw (sorry) away from all four corners of the UK.

Think we tick every box? Give us a ring today and see how we can help!


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