voice actor v amateur voiceover

By Matt Weston


This short video shows the difference in quality between a professional voice actor and an amateur voice actor. Below is some further information on why it’s so important.

Your business needs a voice: It’s important to put thought and intention around all audio content from your business. The voice over of your web videos,animations etc are all part of your brand. The old cliché still holds true, that you only get one chance to make a solid, first impression.

“I know someone who will do my voiceover”

It’s easy to go out and find somebody to do a voice-over, a 10-page medical narration or whatever for £50 to £100. But you aren’t going to get the quality. You’re not going to get the delivery that a professional voice-over / voice actor artist will do. If you are looking for the lowest price, what that says is you’re not really passionate about your project and are not concerned about it being the best quality it can be. We only deal with companies who are serious about their brand & their videos being the best they can be. It doesn’t mean the videos have to be serious, in fact they can be fun — but they should be of a high standard.

Let’s identify a style that suits your aims

In the early stages of our discussions about a video we’ll want to know who you’re targeting. Are they 25 to 54 year old homeowners making six figures a year? Are they college students? You can really break it down into all these different categories which really helps in delivering the voice over. The more information that we know about who your aims and styles the easier it is for you & the results that we achieve will be even better.

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