Whiteboard Animation Software

By Matt Weston

If you’re a keen watcher of videos on the internet*, you might be aware that over the past couple of years, a particular type of video has really caught the imagination.

They’re commonly called “whiteboard animations”, although you might have heard of them under the titles “drawing timelapses” or “drawn timelapses” instead.

For simplicity’s sake, we’ll stick with “whiteboard animations” for now. Here’s a little example, lovingly created by us, of one in action…


Here at Stone’s Throw Media, we love whiteboard animations.

We think they look great, can be a lot of fun to create and are fan-flipping-tastic for presenting ideas or concepts – that are perhaps a little tricky to understand – in a clear and visual way.

What you may not know about whiteboard animations, however, is that there are two ways to create them.

The first way, which you’ll see in our video below, so lucky old you, is how we do it. This method involves a real artist, a real piece of paper, a real drawing, and a real sore wrist**.

The second way involves something called whiteboard animation software.

This method involves a piece of computer software which generates the images, with the “artist’s hand” digitally included to give the impression it’s a drawing.

Quite frankly, we think this method sucks.

A Professional Drawing

There’s nothing wrong with whiteboard animation software per se***, but we think that if a company is offering a client a professional drawing, it should be exactly that – a professional, drawing.

Creating an effort with software can make it look a little low budget, and it will never be a truly original piece of work. That can reflect badly on a company – which nobody wants.

The drawings we offer our clients are always bespoke, are always based on prepared storyboards, and are always available to be framed and hung up on office walls alongside Munch’s “The Scream” (other artwork is available).

For this blog entry, we’ve prepared a video where Mike, fresh off his audition for the lead in “Jesus Christ Superstar”, talks a little bit more about this topic.

So that’s enough words from us. Over to you Mike!


*no, not those type of videos

**because of the drawing. Honestly, you people

***try saying that sentence after a few Jagerbombs

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