HeadStart Wolverhampton Filming

By Matt Weston

Our involvement with the national “HeadStart” programme saw us visiting Long Knowle Primary School in Wolverhampton for some filming starring some incredibly enthusiastic students.

“HeadStart” is a lottery funded initiative based in 12 separate areas across England. It strives to aid students – particularly 10 to 14 year olds – with their resilience for the times when life can get a little tough e.g. the pressure of exams, instances of bullying, and problems within the family home.

There are a number of strands to the “HeadStart” campaign, one of which is the world of digital, which is what we focused on in some of our videos.

This strand of the initiative encourages children to get involved with various media activities – such as radio broadcasting, song writing, and app making – to give them an insight and experience in skills becoming more prevalent in school curriculums in this digital age.

For our filming on the day we decided to make the young thespians of Long Knowle the stars of the show. We created a separate video for each media activity they got stuck into, highlighting the various facilities and expertise they benefited from in the process, and then a montage video to finish.

We also created three videos which focused on the wider aim of “HeadStart” – to help students tackle the problems that can commonly occur at school, in particular bullying.

The students who helped us with our filming were all absolute stars, and took to the process like a duck to water. It was pretty sobering when we realised that they are better actors as primary school students than we’ll ever be!

Some of our videos from this project can be found below, but for an overview video, and for more details about the scheme, please do visit our portfolio page, which can be found somewhere around about here!

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