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If you’re a long term reader of ours – and if you’re not, where have you been? – you’re probably already aware that last year we were lucky enough to get our grubby mitts on a state-of-the-art DJI S1000 drone (other drones are of course available).

We were incredibly excited about this, so to mark the moment we decided to officially unveil the drone in a grand ceremony, much like how a football club does when they parade their shiny new player. With this in mind, where better to do it than the famous Molineux?

As fantastic as the launch event was however, it did begin to give our designated pilot Mike some itchy fingers. Buoyed by his success in not crashing the drone straight into one of the stands, he declared that it was time we took the drone on a tour. So, that’s precisely what we did.

We hit the road, taking in places such as Teignmouth, Hampshire, Dartmoor, and even deepest darkest Telford in our quest to capture some stunning natural scenery from the skies.

We also descended on buildings near to us here in the Midlands, such as Bantock House, Himley Hall, and Wightwick Manor, to showcase some of the beautiful architecture we have here in the Black Country (and, admittedly, to save on petrol a bit).

After all the filming it was time to create our own promo drone video, which is what you can see above. Obviously we’re biased, but we think it’s well worth a watch, particularly for the Pulp Fiction briefcase-esque bit between 0:14 and 0:18.

In all seriousness, drones have changed the aerial videography sector forever – as well as being damn fun to fly, they’re also brilliant at what they do and so much more convenient than helicopters.

Drone video provides that extra level of polish we’re always striving for, whatever we’re filming from the skies. Whether it’s events or site locations, landmarks or roof surveys, the drone gives our clients a different perspective on life – which is always pretty cool.

So, think a drone video could help your company? You know where we are…


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