University of Wolverhampton Virtual Open Day

University of Wolverhampton Virtual Open Day
University of Wolverhampton
Our Brief

To help University of Wolverhampton to bring their open day alive and make it more interactive/media rich to get around the COVID19 restrictions.

Our Video

Given the climate of the world, a normal open day in person was impossible for the University of Wolverhampton. We were tasked with solving the problem of bringing an interactive, virtual open day to the University of Wolverhampton - something that had never been undertaken before.

There were a number of things to consider for their livestream. We worked alongside the university in creating a running order, considering what would work best for the smooth running of the virtual open day.

We needed to have one main anchor to host the live stream situated at the city campus. Alongside this, the University wanted a second anchor at a different location on the city campus, who would then move around to different points throughout the day, asking questions to key people, while the main anchor held the show together.

Having previously carried out video work for the university, we were able to utilise this and include some of the footage as part of the virtual open day stream. Having pre-recorded video footage for the livestream was highly beneficial in making it more engaging. We also included elements such as title screens, graphics, countdown screens and music.

Uni of Wolverhampton Virtual Open Day

We went to the university the day before the event, to complete a final recce and make sure all of our preparations were in place and ready to go.

The virtual open day proved to be a great success, with both parties incredibly happy with the final result, which was broadcasted live on the University’s YouTube channel to many prospective students. There were breakout sessions, live chats, help and support all taking place alongside the stream to really help make this a fully rounded virtual experience.

Michelle, from the University of Wolverhampton, said:

“This was the first live streaming event so was a learning curve for all involved. We’ve had excellent, great feedback from prospective students and staff who engaged in the event.”

Stone’s Throw’s very own Mike said

“It’s been great to be able to support the university with live streaming an event, something that they haven’t really explored before. We invested heavily into livestreaming equipment in 2019, just before the pandemic which meant we were in a position to be able to put this virtual live streamed event together. It’s been a really tough time but I’m proud of our team and collaboration with the university team to make this happen. We are huge supporters of our home city and we know the university plays a key role in making this city grow, so we were only too happy to help them with a solution to a completely new way of doing things for university open days.”

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