Animated Explainer Video

Animated Explainer Video
Student Roost
Our Brief

We needed to show the steps Student Roost are taking towards fire safety, to help satisfy insurers as well as engage with the Gen Z* customer audience. Student Roost wanted to display all of the information in an animated explainer video, which is where we came in! The video needed to be simple and informative, in order for all students to be able to understand it.

Gen Z customers can be categorised as anyone born between 1997 and 2012.

Student Roost is an award-winning student accommodation provider with properties across the UK. Their mission is to provide the very best experience for individuals to make the most of student living. They have well designed facilities and a personal level of service. We have a previous working relationship with Student Roost on videos such as this one.

Our Video

Student Roost needed to use the animated explainer video to display to insurers that they were taking the necessary steps to ensure the highest level of fire safety in their properties.

They also needed to engage with the student tenants within these properties and communicate the best practises for living safely.

Those among us who have done their stint as a student may not remember that time primarily being about fire safety in halls so much as late nights with questionable vodka in the kitchen! Not much has changed, so it was vital that we create a clear, concise animated explainer video.

The impacts of ignorance towards fire safety are potentially devastating and it is incredibly important that all residents are aware of the procedures to protect buildings and, more importantly, lives. A bleak message, we know, but Student Roost took inspiration from a Virgin Atlantic animated on-flight safety video that communicated similarly serious messages in a light hearted way.

After having a number of videos to draw inspiration from sent to us by the client, we got a basic idea of how the video was going to look.

It needed to be as inclusive as possible and accessible to students from all walks of life, so there was an array of different characters used throughout the video.

With this in mind, we also provided one version of the video that had burned in Mandarin captions for Chinese students, which you can see below!

Student Roost was keen on the video not being dictatorial or patronising and for the tone to be one with which students felt like they were collaborating with the accommodation provider as adults.

The voiceover we chose was a friendly, engaging voice that would still be easy to understand for the foreign students.

The final animated explainer video clearly showed how fire exits are displayed in Student Roost buildings and the correct preventative safety procedures to follow when living in the accommodation.

Head of Animation, Jamie said on the project

“Student Roost started off great because we were allowed to create the look of the character design based on the current trends within the generation. We were also able to pull creative inspiration from Animal Crossing, a very popular video game with everyone at the time. Our concept artist Gurpreet had great fun working with that as a springboard. The most challenging aspect throughout was having to design interiors and scene ideas without necessarily pulling from the real locations as we needed to make it accessible for every student no matter which living accommodation they are staying at.”

*Doesn’t it make you sick, seeing people born in the year 2000 and beyond being work colleagues? #gettingold

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