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Animated Explainer Videos
MSC Industrial Supply
Our Brief

MSC Industrial Supply wanted to create a series of animated explainer videos to showcase their services and benefits that they offer to their customers.

Each of the animated explainer videos, in a series of five, detailed different facets of MSC as an organisation, like the size of their warehouse, or the fact that if you order before 7pm, you will receive your order the next day, regardless of where you are in the UK.

MSC is a leader in the supply of metalworking and maintenance, repair and operations products and services.

Our Video

The titles within the series of animated explainer videos were Consolidating Your Spend, Things to Consider When Shopping Around, Our Metalworking Heritage, Size Matters and Peace of Mind.

Each of these explainer animations would go into detail about the USPs of MSC and act as a way to connect with their audience, as well as branching out into new audiences with succinct, easily digestible information.

Without these animated explainer videos, MSC either wouldn’t be able to share this information at all, or would have to try and get it across via more traditional methods.

Animation is the most engaging form of content, so 30 second videos in this format is the best way to convey information to current and new audiences.

The impact of not being able to share this information effectively is that you won’t be able to raise brand awareness! If people can’t find or connect with the videos, then they can’t be expected to learn about you.

The beauty of animated explainer videos is that they can be used across most digital platforms without looking out of place, meaning that the content within them can be shared as widely as possible.

If they sit on a nice looking landing page on your website, people can be directed to them via paid ads or from links on your social media pages.

If they were to be posted on your social media pages, they’re easily shared and are available for everyone to see.

We currently live in, and are heading for more, uncertain times, so each of the animated explainer videos were designed to address concerns that people might have.

Happy motion graphics characters were used throughout the animations to put a friendly face on MSC and create the image of approachability. Not to say that they aren’t, they’re very friendly, but the outside world might not know that!

Consolidating Your Spend

This animated explainer video addresses the idea that having a long list of suppliers, or not putting all your eggs in one basket, means that you will waste time, when you can use a big supplier, like MSC, for all of your products and services.

A frustrated customer is seen to have her issues fixed by getting the MSC next day delivery, which would be the case for anyone, anywhere in the UK.

Things to Consider When Shopping Around

In this animated explainer, MSC addresses the fact that 92% of spend with consumables is associated with finding, purchasing, receiving and using products.

Only 8% on average is the actual product, so by having one supplier, you can look to save on the 92%, rather than minimal basket savings.

Our Metalworking Heritage

With new cutting tools available regularly, MSC aims to ‘cut’ through the noise and offer technical advice on the back of their heritage and long standing expertise. This engaging video explains it all very succinctly!

Size Matters

No it doesn’t! Well, it does in this instance.

MSC takes the stress of stock out of the clients hands, by utilising their 56 thousand sq. ft. warehouse and always having the right products available!

Peace of Mind

This animation outlines the idea that you can rest assured that MSC will have the products you want ready whenever you are.

The common theme throughout all of the animated explainer videos in this series is that important, and potentially complicated, messages are put across simply in an engaging way.

Animated explainer videos are the best way for people to get to know your products and services, even with no prior knowledge!

Jamie, our head of animation, said on the project

“MSC was a tricky one to find a right balance between not wanting to be tied down to a corporate look but also appealing enough to everyone within the MSC brand that it doesn’t look out of place. After some back and forth, we finally found the middle ground striking some of their branding but allowing characterisation creativity.”

Do you want any animated explainer videos for your organisation? Maybe you have a lot of information you need to get across in a simple way. Whatever your needs are, we will be happy to help you. Why not get in touch today through our contact page?

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