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Worcestershire Apprenticeships
Our Brief

We worked with the Worcestershire Apprenticeship Hub on an animated infographic video. The aim was to demonstrate the impact of the Worcestershire Apprenticeship scheme in the previous year but also from the start of the programme in 2015. The video was made to be shown at the annual awards ceremony at the Safari Park in Worcestershire.

Our Video

The animated infographic video needed to get across key statistics and topics in a fun and engaging way to save the audience from “death by powerpoint”. Our customers, both the Worcestershire Apprenticeship Hub and Opening Doors and Venues worked with us on some key statistics for the video. Once we had the statistics agreed we formed a storyboard.

We focussed on making the animation as colourful as possible whilst following a futuristic theme. The idea being that the apprentices are well...the future! See what we did there?

We’re pleased to say that the animated infographic video was shown on the evening and was a roaring success. As a result, no one fell asleep like they would have done during a 48 slide powerpoint!

Our head of animation and proclaimed professional doodler Jamie had this to say about the project:

“We chose to work on a futuristic and space theme to link to how apprentices are the future. Adding in 3d camera work as well as lighting effects really gave it the feel we wanted. It wasn’t just an animation that we came up with, it was the theme for the entire event - something we are very proud of. Gurpreet did a fantastic job as art director and I enjoyed getting stuck in making the animation. This is certainly one of my favourite animated infographic videos that I’ve worked on.”

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