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Find N Seek
Our Brief

To create an animated marketing video which sells the concept of the Find N Seek product. The product is a Where’s Wally style book, on which customers can upload their avatars and scan QR codes around the park to add more areas to their book. The video aims to show a custom avatar family being created, dropped into the park and small funny scenes play out of this family as they explore the park.

Find N Seek

Hoping for free roller coaster rides for life, we were very excited to kick off this project with Chessington World of Adventures.

Find ‘N’ Seek at Chessington is a new initiative, in which attendees can buy a personalised adventure book at the gift shop on arrival, design their own avatar and fill out the book by scanning QR codes at 11 different locations around the park. On completion, you can go to the gift shop and print out your personalised book.

The animated marketing video for Find ‘N’ Seek was designed around the message ‘Create your own Find ‘n’ Seek adventure at Chessington’. With this in mind, we needed to generate an extra sense of excitement around going to a theme park. Elements from all around the park were included in the video, such as the Dragon’s Fury roller coaster, the Zufari Ride into Africa area and Croc Drop.

Inspiration for the idea came from Where’s Wally. Chessington wanted to make this animation with the idea of trying to find yourself, an activity within the park whilst also exploring on the app at the same time. Part of the experience was creating your own avatar for yourself and your family.

Though we weren’t required to create the artwork, specifically the map and characters, for this project, we were tasked with bringing it to life as an animated marketing video.

As an animated marketing video, it needed to be available in both landscape and portrait, as Chessington has both portrait and landscape signage around the park. This is also transferable across social media to appear in both formats on mobile devices.

One of Chessington’s requirements was to to include sections of video that explained the concept of scanning each QR code to complete your Find ‘N Seek book and unlock the next area on the map.

We also created a shorter animated marketing video for their social media channels.

From a production point of view, as we were working from someone else’s artwork, it’s always interesting to see how it’s been done. Different artists use different styles and techniques so opening up someone else’s work can be quite confusing, or a wonderous world of organisation, layers and tricks that you can end up understanding and using for your own work down the line, essentially learning on the job. This might be learning how to do something better, more efficiently, quicker or just picking up new style tricks.

Our Head of Animation, Jamie, said on the project,

“When we found out that we would be working on a video for a theme park, I was super pumped! What an exciting opportunity! Thankfully, the client was super respectful and allowed us time to reach a final product that I certainly feel proud of and can't wait to see in the park itself.

In this case, the artwork had been commissioned by an artist and not an animator. Artists don’t need to worry so much about how a character or the artwork is distributed but, for us as animators, it’s very important. We had to go in there and re-draw some of the artwork by sampling the existing art and making it applicable for movement. This in itself is an interesting way to work because, usually, we are following our own guidelines on the artwork but when we are following someone else's, we have to make sure it matches. This can include such elements as the outline being the same thickness, the texture being consistent and the style of faces matching up.”

Preeti said:

“The Adventa Find n Seek Project was an animation for Chessington World of Adventures theme park. I love theme parks and animation so the fact that we could bring them together for this project was immensely fun! The animation provided a great challenge as Jamie and I animated large busy maps of the park which in the end looked very cool and became the main feature. Our teamwork made this animation a success and the fact that you can view it in the park makes it even better!”

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