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We produced this animated video with the aim of doing something a little different for our client. We knew that they wanted to get a message across via a talking head interview. This was largely down to it being a project which needed to get done quickly and had little time for planning. So a talking head video interview would do the trick.

We felt we could demonstrate this better by adding in some animation to help visualise what was being said. We invited the representative into our studio and decided to film it on green screen. We felt that we could do something else with the video later on after getting the time sensitive interview completed. The animated video breaks up what could have been a talking head video into something quite different. The feedback we’ve had has been extremely positive. We know that by making the video more engaging we have a far better chance of people watching the video all the way through. We are very pleased how this one turned out and we enjoyed creating it.

If you’ve got an idea for an animated video for your organisation why not get in touch? We love to make your projects memorable and get messages across in a simple and create way. Contact us to see how we can help you.

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