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Animation Production Season Ticket Campaign
Wolverhampton Wanderers
Our Brief

We worked with Wolverhampton Wanderers FC on their early bird season ticket campaign for 2015/16 with this short animation. Wolves have had a very positive season back in the Sky Bet Championship for 2014/15. Their marketing team are one of the most forward thinking that we've worked with. We knew this when they accidentally printed on a shirt for a fan but with the letters upside down - they wrote him a letter, also upside down, to apologise.

We discussed the idea of a roller coaster themed campaign. Wolves make no secret that watching their team has its highs and lows but it is never ever dull at Molineux. The roller coaster idea was used around the stadium advertising, programmes and on a microsite. A game was created in the roller coaster theme and it was very similar to the mobile game "snake" from the 90's. The winner of the game would receive a season ticket which was another great way of engaging the fans.

Our Video

The animation production was one of the most exciting projects we've worked on (I feel like we say that with each new project that comes). We incorporated the roller coaster theme bring it to life with Molineux in the back ground and a fan in the foreground taking a ride. There were three different stops along the way where we were going to put in clips of highs and lows from recent years. We felt we could do better than that, so we rotoscoped the clips to great effect. It was somewhat painstaking as each frame had to be drawn. In total there were nearly 1000 frames drawn, even in a short animated video like this.

It was an extremely clean and well polished campaign that we were delighted to be a part of. Not only was an easy on the eye campaign, it also delivered real results. There was an increase of 1474 fans (11,782 in total so far) purchasing or renewing their season tickets, which is pretty good for March given that the season starts again in August. This is over 14% increase on sales. So there you go, more proof of animation production delivering big results.

So want some success like Wolverhampton Wanderers had with this campaign? You know what to do...

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