Apprenticeship Animation

Apprenticeship Animation
Worcestershire County Council
Our Brief

Worcestershire County Council was looking for an animation that would explain a service they provide to apprentices in the area. This would make the decision-making process much simpler and give them as much information as they could in a fun and easy way!

Our role was to produce an apprenticeship animation around a minute long to inform the local community about the concept of the Worcestershire Apprenticeship Account.

For your reference, this is where people can submit a form of interest to different fields and providers can get in touch with them to talk more in depth about the apprenticeship and the opportunities that are available.

Apprenticeship Animation

Apprenticeships are becoming an increasingly more popular route for many people to take, however it can be very difficult choosing which specific field to go into.

This is where Worcestershire County Council wanted to showcase how great the service that they offer is and the benefits it has for apprentices.

When creating the apprenticeship animation, the team knew it would be important to create something very engaging and memorable, as well as informative.

Once we had the script nailed, it was then quickly onto the storyboard to begin creating a concept for what the apprenticeship animation would look like.

Whilst conveying the information in a clear and entertaining manner, animation maintains the fun and is a great way to deepen visual understanding and communication, especially when dealing with possibly a wide variety of ages and languages.

The animation team made a colourful and fun animation, which added a sense of personality to a topic that can sometimes become tiring throughout the decision making process!

We also made different sized versions of the apprenticeship animation to be distributed on social media channels, to reach as wide an audience as possible.

Preeti, who worked on the apprenticeship animation, said:

"It's always a joy to add more colour and this animation allowed us to do exactly that! It's very bright and cheerful which helped us draw in the target audience."

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