ARU Clearing Education Animation

ARU Clearing Education Animation
Our Brief

Our animation team recently created two exciting education animations with the aim of simplifying and demystifying the university enrolment process for prospective students at ARU.

Recognising the challenges and anxieties faced by students during A-Level results day and the subsequent enrolment process, we produced two distinct, engaging animations. These animations serve as step-by-step explainers, providing clarity and reassurance in a visually appealing and accessible format.

ARU Clearing Education Animation

This project involved several key stages, including:

Script Review, we meticulously examined and refined the scripts to ensure clarity and engagement.

Storyboard Creation: Written storyboards were developed, forming a visual blueprint of the animations.

Graphic Design: Our team crafted bespoke, eye-catching graphics tailored to the educational context.

Animation: The graphics were brought to life through smooth, compelling animation.

Music Integration: Carefully selected music was added to enhance the viewing experience.

Professional Voiceover: Expert voiceover artists were employed to provide clear, engaging narration.

The outcome was two vibrant, informative education animations designed to guide students through the clearing process and ARU's specific enrolment procedures.

These animations aimed to reduce confusion and stress, thereby helping the university onboard more students effectively.

Education Animation Feedback

Jamie, a key member of our creative team, shared his enthusiasm:

We enjoyed working on these education animations. They were colourful, fun, informative and the customer was brilliant to work with.

If you’re interested in an education animation or video project, get in touch today and let’s chat!

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