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Redrow Homes
Our Brief

We were tasked with creating a charity animation to show how Redrow Homes help promote wildlife in conjunction at their developments with the Bumblebees trust. The aim was to have a useful animation for people in Redrow built homes so they can make their gardens friendly for bees.

Our Video

Our animation focused on several key areas to make gardens more friendly for bees. This included:

• Creating a mini meadow, to see what wildflowers grow.

• Having year-round flowers for bees that can provide food in every single season.

• Pots for pollinators to brighten your patio with bee-friendly flowers

• Food for thought - herbs, fruit and veg that can feed both you and bees

Our head of animation Jamie had this to say:

“First off, it was very funny because Gurpreet (another member of the animation team) is terrified of bees. Watching her struggle to research them, drawing from their looks, and working with the sound of bees and working with someone who was very passionate about bees was pretty amusing!

Animation wise, we needed to use very complex drawings as it was important that the flowers we needed to show looked like the actual flowers in question. We couldn’t do any cartoony looking trees here but had to (slowly) craft flowers petal by petal. It was a tricky one for such a short, cute idea.”

We enjoyed this animation collaboration with Redrow and the Bumblebees Trust. It is always a pleasure to collaborate on such worthy causes with our customers, and it creates a real buzz* in the team.

*I’m sorry, I’m SO sorry for this “joke”

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