Christmas Charity Video

Christmas Animated Charity Video
Compton Care
Our Brief

We want to create a Christmas animation that shows the services of Compton and the importance of those services at a time such as Christmas. We want the animation to acknowledge that this will be a very different Christmas and Compton is there to help.

Our Video

Having previously done charity video work for Compton Care, we had existing 2D characters to use as the protagonists in this project.

Compton Care Christmas Charity video

Compton provided us with a script, which was then read as a voiceover by one of the wonderful members of staff, Kate.

As per the brief, we needed to talk about how Christmas 2020 was a Christmas like no other, but to eliminate any sense of loneliness and create a great sense of community for those at Compton Care. We were also required to provide subtitles on the video.

With all of this in mind, we also needed this charity video to have a classic ‘Christmassy’ feel.

Following approval of the thumbnail storyboard, Preeti, our Animation Assassin, got to work on creating the charity video.

She said,

"The Compton Care Christmas charity video was a very enjoyable project to work on. This animation had a unique art style that paired simple characters with more complex backgrounds. We chose to go for a scrolling effect when animating, to show off all of the different landmarks that Santa would visit which worked very well for this animation. Making the landmarks look recognisable was also an enjoyable challenge and paired with great clients, this animation was a joy to make!"

Both us and Compton Care were very happy with the final product, including a fully subtitled version of the video.

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