Compton Care Christmas Animation

Christmas Animation
Compton Care
Our Brief

To create an animation that plays at the start of a series of videos sent in from other organisations. Each video will feature a short animation before it. We must create this animation using the existing characters Compton have for their website.

Compton Care featured a virtual advent calendar as part of their Christmas content in 2020. It wasn’t the best Christmas in a lot of ways (cast your mind back to the packed London train stations!) with the restrictions in place, so Compton wanted to bring some digital cheer to the table.

The calendar featured Christmas messages from different organisations up until Christmas Day. Compton Care wanted an animation using existing characters that were created for their website to introduce each video.

The animation they wanted needed to feature key landmarks in the local area, eventually showing Santa handing presents to Compton Care nurses.

Our Video

Though Compton had some great content and numbers to their website in the shape of the virtual advent calendar, but were missing the opportunity to include their branding and maximise exposure.

By including the characters that had already been created, they built a narrative and recognition around their website and brand. This can humanise organisations and with the nature of the work that Compton Care are involved in, that’s a vital element.

To begin the project, we established how long the animation needed to be and what landmarks needed to be included. The result of this was a 20 second animation, including places like Dudley Castle, Himley Hall and the Molineux). Eiffel Tower and The Louvre, eat your hearts out!

Compton Care provided us with their pre-existing characters and we set about animating them, driven driven by the music and sound effects.

Both parties were very happy with the outcome, with Compton Care going on to do a second edition of the virtual advent calendar in 2021.

Leonie from Compton said

"We were aiming to raise £4,452 and we think we are on course for around £7,000 which is amazing! The original goal would have funded 12 nights of care so, hopefully, we could now fund an extra 6 nights of care – which is phenomenal"

Jamie from our animation team said

"It's always a joy to work with Compton and wouldn't pass up the chance to bring a bit of Christmas joy to aid their cause. They pitched to us some lovely artwork they had and wanted to make it move which we then sprinkled in our magic!"

Preeti, who led this project, said

“The Compton Advent animation was perfect for getting us into the festive spirit. We were able to recreate well-known landmarks in the style of Compton Care's assets for a joyous Christmassy creation.”

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