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Military Actuation Video
Collins Aerospace
Our Brief

The brief for this corporate video for Collins Aerospace was to market their actuation capabilities for military platforms.

Our Video

We worked with the corporate team at Collins in the United States of America. With the way the world is right now, travelling over to the USA was out of the question* but we could still proceed with all of our communications virtually.

Our corporate video work included script development, professional voice over, editing of both existing footage and new, filming of new clips and the creation of 3D models and 3d animation.

It was key to demonstrate to potential customers of Collins Aerospace the solutions which they offer which may not be visible to the human eye as they are hidden away within various aircraft. These aircraft included the F35 featuring primary and secondary actuation and the CH-53K main rotor and tail rotor.

We were able to show weapon bay door systems, primary flight control actuators, leading edge flaps as well as payload deployment systems fly-by-wire main rotor actuation. The 3D animation of wireframe and models helped to demonstrate the products in these vital areas.

Collins Aerospace offer complex solutions to their customers and it was our job to show how they embrace this and make it possible within the corporate video.

Tom Williams, our head of video production said:

Working on this project in a collaborative approach bringing all of the elements together was an enjoyable experience. We were delighted with the outcome and most importantly that it impressed the customer.”

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*we certainly did fancy being whisked of to the states - one day my friends, one day!

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