Paper Fortune Teller - Creative Video

Paper Fortune Teller - Creative Video Production
Talent Match
Our Brief

The aim of this creative video for Black Country Talent Match was to get across to businesses how the scheme can help young people. We really wanted to show the businesses within the West Midlands the impact it has on young people. We used a paper fortune teller to help us tell the story of Aaron. Aaron went through the Talent Match scheme and has never looked back.

Our Video

What better way than hear the story from one of the participants? We came up with the idea of using a paper fortune teller for this creative video as well as animating what Aaron told us. The paper fortune teller fitted well with the story as it was all about choices and possible paths. After editing down a lot of audio we had a narrative to drive what we see in the video now. We had tremendous fun creating this one and we feel that it really gets the message across as we'd imagined at the ideas stage.

Black Country Talent Match is all about enabling young people furthest away from being work-ready to secure or take up enterprising and/or job opportunities, by improving confidence, optimism and offering intensive support through the provision of solution focused mentors. There are 5 hubs for the scheme in Wolverhampton, Walsall, Dudley and Sandwell as well as a central hub. Follow Talent match on Twitter by clicking here.

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